Tom Staley

Music and Lyrics by Allen Hood

Play in C (Capo 2) = D
(C ) Down south in the land of the Longleaf Pine
Where the (F) Wiregrass blows so wa (C) vy,
I learned an old time fiddle tune
It’s (G) called ‘Sail Away Ladies’.

It (C) comes from Kentucky fiddler
(F) Known as J. P. Fra (C) ley,
But I learned it from a dear old friend,
I (G) learned it from Tom Sta (C) ley.
(C) We played ‘Duck River’ along the river of steel,
Called (F) highway seventy (C) five.
Fiddlin’ at the Traveler’s Campground,
With the (G) big rigs driving by.
(C) Grinding gears all night long
To the (F) honking of the Peacocks (C) cry
Tom Staley playing ‘Shuffle About’
As the (G) Peacocks waddle (C) by.

(C) Tom had a rhythm to his playing
Like (F) no one else I (C) know
Ba…da-Lip, Bada Lip-a-lada-Lo
Went the (G) gallop of his bow.
With (C) an artist’s touch on the accents
Tom (F) played with the rhythm and (C) time,
With a bit of a bounce right where it counts,
(G) Beneath the Longleaf (C) Pine.

(C) I remember that time on Otter Springs
Back in (F) two thousand and (C) eleven,
Tom and Fay playing ‘John Sharp’s Tune’,
Was a (G) little piece of heaven.
I (C) didn’t get to say goodbye
But (F) one thing I know is (C) true
With every tune we played, Tom
I’ll (G) always think of (C) you.

(F)… With (C) every tune we played, Tom, I (G) still think of (C) you.

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