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The Florida State Fiddlers Association (FSFA) is a group of musicians and music-loving friends who have organized for the purpose of holding an  Annual Fiddlers ConventionFiddle Contest, and Old-Time Jamboree, and to increase communication and support among fiddlers and other old-time musicians in Florida and beyond. We always like to hear from members and non-members alike. Please feel free to contact any of the officers with suggestions and comments.  You can use the links at the top of this page to access information about our  Officers, Upcoming Events, News, and more.

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Florida State Fiddlers Association (FSFA)
1314 East 7th Avenue
Tallahassee, FL 32303
Contact the webmaster at

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22 thoughts on “About”

  1. I moved to Sarasota, FL from Burlington, VT last year, where I was and still am a member of the Northeast Fiddlers Association and the Champlain Valley Fiddlers Club. My Father was an old time fiddler and I accompany the fiddlers on the piano. I have been looking for a club to join here or at least a group of people to jam with. I’m very pleased to have found your club.


    1. I would love to jam with an old time piano player. I play at Owens Fish Camp in Sarasota every Friday and Saturday night. I play fiddle mostly, my band is The Stillhouse Shakers.


      1. Thank you for the message Tyler. I was actually looking for someone to jam with during the day in an informal setting as I don’t drive after dark. I would love to listen to your band though. I don’t play melody, I cord. I’m familiar with fiddle tunes, old standards and classic country.


    1. Saw where you were in Jupiter. I’m in Sarasota, just moved here last Oct. and still haven’t found a fiddle group in my area. I played backup piano for the fiddlers back in VT for years and I miss it.


    2. Hi Ron! you say you’re in Jupiter? we have a group of fiddle tune pickers (old time, bluegrass, celtic, etc. ) right here in Jupiter! …contact me for more info! Sheryl


  2. Hi guys. I’m new to Hains City Florida and looking to get involved in a fiddle club. I also play guitar. If there is some interest could you please contact me. Thanks



    1. Hi, Rob. Welcome to the group! Do you do Facebook? You might find some folks on our site there, too. The URL is https://www.facebook.com/FloridaFiddlersAssociation/?fref=ts. Also you are pretty close to the Barberville events and our April Jamboree at Sertoma Youth Ranch in Brooksville (see the News & Events tab above). We also hold our Annual Convention at Sertoma in October. Hope to see you at the April events! Good luck finding some pickers in that area . . . I believe there are a good many.


  3. I’m new to Florida and live at the Villages, Florida. There is Barberville and a slow jam group in Gainesville. Anything closer? I have been working hard on fiddle for last five years but when I attend jams, I know about 1 tune out of every 12. Not good. Advice? scott roberts


    1. Hi, Scott, and welcome to Florida Fiddlers. I think we all started out about the same way, just sitting in on jams and hoping they played anything you know. You’ll keep learning more tunes, and most likely anyone in the jam would be happy to slow a tune down after it’s been played to help you learn it. Do you have a recording app on your phone? Just recording the tunes is another great way to learn them. I’m not familiar with The Villages area, as far as what other jams might be in the area. You might want to join our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/FloridaFiddlersAssociation/?ref=bookmarks) if you haven’t already, and post something there about looking for more opportunities to jam. Someone else might have more knowledge about the area than I do. Or maybe you could start a slow jam in your area yourself? Stick with it! It will be worth it.


    2. Hi Scott, there are a few fiddlers from the villages that come to our first Saturday workshops and jam at Barberville. You could come and get a free lesson from me. Carol Whisler Maybe you could carpool. Email me privately and I will give you their names.


  4. Hi Scott, by now you may have met John Fried a fiddler who lives in the Villages. He used to attend our Barking Dogs Old Time Jam in San Antonio (FL) at the historic RR Depot. But, it has become difficult for him to drive at night. You can find our jam on the new Facebook group about jams. We meet on Thursday nights from 7 – 10. There is also a Pasco County Old Time Music Facebook group. We are also sponsoring a concert by Gailanne Amundsen at the Depot on Sept. 1, 2018. 7:30 PM


  5. I wish I didn’t live so far away (Sarasota) and I wish I could drive at night. I joined the barking dogs Facebook page and thoroughly enjoy it. I just wish I could find a Fiddler’s group to jam with.


  6. I am new to the fiddle and am looking for a teacher. My current teacher only plays and teaches classical. I live in east Orlando but am willing to drive a reasonable distance. I’m still learning the basics but am a little frustrated. I’m 58 yrs old but highly motivated. Anyone around to take an old student that does have an ear? Please help and old lady with a blugrass background.


    1. Hi Linda. I apologize that I did not see this post until now. My name is Carol Whisler and I teach fiddle by ear. I live in Edgewater Florida. I also give free lessons on the first Saturday of each month at the Barberville Pioneer Settlement. Come join in the fun and talk a class and see if I am what you are looking for.


  7. Hello. I am an old time fiddler and violin maker moving to ft lauderdale February 1 2019. Can you tell me where I might find an old time jam session. I played in New Mexico and San Antonio Florida. Peter White
    505 280 7601. Thanks.


  8. Hi folks,
    A friend of mine has caught the fiddle bug. He is coming to the Stephen Foster Old Time Weekend. He lives in Savannah, GA. Do we know any fiddle teachers there?


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