Fiddle Contest

2016 first place winners performing on Main Stage.

Florida Folk Festival and Official State Fiddle Contest
Memorial Day Weekend( Saturday) May of 2019
Stephen Foster State Folk Culture Center – White Springs, FL

Contest Guidelines

Top prizes of $200 for first place, Old-Time and Contemporary!

Early Registration Form (no longer available – register on-site)

List of Fiddle Contest Winners from 1981 to present!

Please note that the entry fee is per division.  If entering Twin and another division, you must pay twice. If you register for camping it is first come, first served for site location. If you pre-registered (no longer available, sorry) you will pick up your registration packet at the Welcome Center just outside the main gates of Stephen Foster State Park.  Once inside the park, go to the campground gates to pick up your camping/vehicle pass.  Then you can select your site.  The early bird gets the better sites, and hookups are not guaranteed!

2016 winners in the Twin Fiddle division.

18 thoughts on “Fiddle Contest”

      1. You can sign up on-site, but if you’d like to do it early we should have a pre-registration form up on our website soon (on the Fiddle Contest page.) There will be an option to register for the contest and camping for $50, or just the contest for $10 (camping is limited, so the earlier the better if choosing this option.)


  1. Sending in my pre-registration and check for $50 today. I am bringing a camper and family will join me at the camp but not compete. I don’t need to per-register for 2 addl. family members do I? Thanks Kay.


    1. No, they can register for weekend or day passes at the welcome center when they arrive, Brett. Once we get your pre-registration for contest and camping, you’ll get a confirmation email with instructions. Good luck with the contest!


  2. Hi, I sent in my registration a couple of months ago with my check for contest and camping and haven’t received or heard anything yet. Would you be able to tell me my status? My name is Paula.


    1. Hi, Paula. We sent you an email confirmation. You might want to check your spam filter. In any case, we have you registered for camping and the fiddle contest, Twin and Contemporary Divisions. Camping is for 4 people and 2 cars (second car will have to unload and park out in the parking lot just outside the campground, only one allowed to stay in campground). One full weekend pass is included for your contestant, others will need to purchase weekend festival passes when picking up your packet at the welcome center just outside Stephen Foster Park. Good luck with the contest!


  3. Brett Waller asked me to accompany him in the fiddle contest on Saturday. I can’t stay all day and I’m not camping. I will probably sign up for the contest, too. Can I get a pass to get in to play in the contest?


    1. Hi Tommy, I very sorry, but I am required to have all the names in by May 1st. The Folkfest has already sent out the tickets. Carol


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