Listening Room

1981 Florida State Fiddle Contest Recordings

Tom Staley


Florida’s Tune


Blackberry Blossom (from the March 2016 Newsletter)





6 thoughts on “Listening Room”

  1. //
    Share ‘Em, by the Happy Valley Pals (Wayne Martin, Margaret Martin, Gail Gillespie & Dwight Rogers)

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  2. Very interesting and excellent post!

    Walter Raleigh Babson (1900-1987), who is featured in one of the samples, is my grandfather. He and both of my parents, all natives of Brunswick County, NC, knew this tune as “Share Round, Ladies”. They remembered it being a very popular tune at house dances in the area during pre-WWII times. The only lyric they remembered was from the B part: “…Share ’round, Ladies, share ’round, Share ’round if you please, I don’t mind if you share ’round, long as you share with me…” A complete recording of his version can be found on his CD on the FRC label, as recorded by Andy Cahan:

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